Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Behind The Scenes Peek Into The Tesla Factory

Wired released a series of cool videos in July 2013 that give a behind the scenes peek into the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California and how Model S is manufactured from scratch. You will see how coils of aluminum are converted into blanks which are then fabricated into car bodies using in-house automated large stamping lines. It also provides an overview of the totally automated paint line and body assembly line along with the general vehicle assembly line. One of the amazing things you will notice is the amount of vertical integration and the automation using advanced robots that we have achieved at the factory!

One of the interesting things that you will notice in the video below is that all the vehicle testing including shake and rattle testing is done indoors. Since Model S is an 100% electric car and has zero emissions, we can do all these tests inside the factory unlike ICE cars.

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